Ceragem gives hope to the old

Ceragem gives hope to the old
Rapelang Madisa, Director in Ceragem centre, Botswana

Ceragem, a massage therapy company originally from South Korea seems to have re-ignited the hopes of many people by finally opening its centre in Botswana especially the elderly group.

Every morning a number of people are seen queuing at the entrance of the building in KB mall waiting patiently for the doors to be opened and receive the healing massage it provides for free.

The multinational company, which is currently operating in more than 75 countries around the world, opened its first centre in Botswana on the 14th February 2013 and has since then received much testimonies of people who appreciate their services and felt a great difference in their different diseases.

The old age has found a home of hope for them as they usually have their bodies not strong enough to fight most diseases and Ceragem is helping in boosting their immune systems.

“Our core business is to manufacture and sell Ceragem machines to anyone who has tested and felt what it really provides and understood well its benefits. So all in all our free services we equip clients with informed decisions as which machine to buy and why,” explained Rapelang Madisa, Director in Ceragem centre, Botswana.

Madisa compared having a machine in your home as similar to having a doctor in your home, and that will be beneficial to the whole family also as they will be able to access the machine.

Ceragem believes that all diseases starts from the spine and it should be cared for.

“In the spine, there is the spinal cord that connects the brain and the body so if the spine is not right, the spinal chord’s communication would not be smooth and causes problems in the body,” said Madisa.

He continued to reveal that the spine has the point which controls the body’s positive and negative energy, and most of the blood is made from the bone marrow of the spine, therefore there is a deep relationship between blood circulation and health of the spine.

“If the spinal cord that connects all the nerves and organs have problems, it is pressured and the brain and organs do not function properly hence many nervous system problems are caused by pressure nerves, if the cause of the problem is not fixed, it will continue,” Madisa said.

Ceragem uses the chiropractic principle which is an advanced and leading alternative medicine to help relieve the tense nerve system through spinal alignment and to help maintain an overall health.

It is widely practised in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England.

They do not only provide people with thermal massage but also continue to offer lectures to their clients as to how they should care for themselves and stay healthy all the time.

Ceragem prides itself for being the best health care partner one can ever desire to have.

Ceragem promises to help in any aches, and pains from a whole range of illnesses, arthritis, fatigue, ulcers, diabetes, back problems, stroke, asthma, slimming, infertility are among the diseases one can contact ceragem for.

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